Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13 2012 Had a great time in Wilmington NC saw a few friends and went to an outdoor concert on the water, very cool place. Headed about 50 miles to North Top Sail Island Nc and stayed at the Surf City Family Camp ground, not the best night sleep,had a group of fisherman playing cards right next to me, kept me up all night. Woke up early this morning, headed out towards the OBX, became a little complicated because there is a huge Marine base in my way which I was told I needed military ID to get across, so after a few route changes I ended up in Cedar key at a campground. Being as though I didn't call ahead for reservations, combined with it being Sunday and Mothers day, there was nobody in the office to check in. So this officially my first sneak in camping exerience, so far so good, plan on going to the office in the morning. Next few days should be pretty cool, starting my loop around the OBX, lots of long roads with nothing but beaChe's, Ferry's and a huge famous lighthouse, looking forward to it. Frank - still haven't seen Mike but I'm looking for him, Thanks for the coffee!

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  1. Looking forward to your next post. Hopefully, you survived the bad weather last night! Check in soon!