Friday, May 18, 2012

So I have a few days to update everyone on, I've been slacking with my blog, sorry. Som I was able to survive a night of camping in a pretty wild wind and rain storm, more noisy than anything,m I left a not at the managers desk, letting the, know that I had camped and why I was riding up the coast. Still have not heard from them, so maybe they just let me have a free night, Thanks! I rode over 70 miles from the Swansboro area to the tip of Cedar Island where I would have to wait until the morning the catch a ferry across the Pamlico Sound. I stayed at the Driftwood Inn right next to the ferry, stepped in but was able to get up for the 10 am departure. I spent the ferry ride talking with three cyclist who worked for Outward Bound in NC, they have cyc.ed the OBX in the past and gave me some tips on what to look out for and good places to stop. After the first ferry, I landed on Ocracoke Island, nice little beach/surfing community, I only had to ride about 15 miles to catch the second shorter ferry over to Hatteras Island, whic isn't a long distance except I was continuing to have rear wheel issues. I pretty much had to stop every mile or so to add more air so I wasn't riding on my rim, very frustrating. Once I got to Hatteras I had about another 20 miles until I reached my campground in Buxton. Next morning I was up early headed out on rt 12, only rode on the island, towards nags head, about 65 miles. I was able to patch my last tire tube the night before so I was hoping it would hold up until I got to the next bike shop which was in nags head. Well, I was a definitely wrong, turned out to be a night are dAy, after two flats, several attempts to fix the tube and reinflate, a huge lighting/thunder storm, and a five mile walk dragging my bike next to me, I finally made it to a bike shop. He fixed me up in no time, new tube on the back and purchased another one just in case. Found a cheap motel and called it a night. I'm not sure if my legs just felt really good or because I had a new wheel on my bike, but the next morning I decided to do a long day, turned out to be my longest day of riding so far. I rode from Nags Head NC to Suffolk Va, which is over 100 miles. Bike and tire were doing great and my legs felt good enough to keep going. I'm looking to be somewhere in between Williamsburg and Richmond by the end of today. Also special thanks to Bendas landscaping for the their donation!!!! They are some really great people over there!

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